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Inspiring people to Love God, Grow Together, and Reach People
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Expect to belong

Visiting a church can be intimidating, but when it comes to Maluhia, you can relax…

We’re not perfect.

That’s probably why we make such a close family, because we’re all sort of limping through life and growing in grace. We’re not evaluating you—when you walk in, we’re glad to see you! Don’t worry about having to measure up or fit in. None of us really measure up, and we’re all very different. Our family is very diverse, so fitting in isn’t an issue.

We’re not very religious.

Honestly, religion has let a lot of people down. Religious structures and systems are confusing, complicated, and disconnected from real life. We would love to help you move from “religion” into an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. If you feel new to it all, that’s ok, our church is filled with new believers—we speak “beginner” fluently!

We speak plain English.

We worship Jesus, study the Bible, and encourage each other in simple terms you’ll be able to connect to your daily life.  We believe and teach what the Bible actually says and why it mattersno pointless traditions, no archaic languages, no droning or irrelevant lectures, no pious arrogance. We open the Bible and apply it to real life in the twenty-first century.

A lot of us are new.

Most of our church family is new! We really are just regular, friendly people. “Religious” people often come off contrived, artificial, and argumentative. You won’t find that at Maluhia. We’re like you—working hard, fighting for healthy relationships, looking for encouragement, and glad to have some good friends who also have faith in Jesus Christ.

come and belong

We would love for you to join us for a service. Below is information to help your visit to be encouraging and enjoyable. 

What Time Are The Services?

Sunday we have 2 services. The Morning Service is at 10:30 AM and the Evening Service is at 5:00 PM. Each service has childcare available and is also livestreamed through Facebook and Youtube at @maluhiabc.

Wednesday evenings we have Bible study at 6:30 PM. We enjoy a time of prayer together and discussion while digging deeper into God’s Word. Childcare is also available during this time.

Where Can I Park?

Being almost at the center of Kailua town, finding parking can be a little tricky.  This is why we created a very colorful and easy to understand parking map.  To view and download this map click here.

What Does Your Church Believe?

Click here to learn about our purpose and beliefs.

More Questions?

If you have other questions, they may be found  here. If your question isnt found on that page, please email us or message us.

Are You Going To Heaven?

There are big questions that haunt all of us. What will happen when I die? Will people remember me? What will happen to all my things? But, the single most important question that you will ever answer is this: “If I were to die today, am I sure I will spend eternity in Heaven with God?” Your relationship to Jesus Christ is the key to the answer.  Click below to see what the Bible says about a relationship with Jesus Christ and how a person can go to heaven.

Let us know you're coming!

Are you ready to check out Maluhia in person? We would love for you to join us this upcoming service. Fill out this  simple form, that will let us know you’re coming. We will be sure to pray for you and save you a seat.

Let us know you're coming!

Are you ready to check out Maluhia in person? We would love for you to join us this upcoming service.  Click below to fill out a simple form, that will let us know your coming.  We will be sure to pray for you and save you a seat.